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Lent 1 :: Waters of Chaos and Joy!

Scotland 2013 149

“…never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

I vaguely remember a time very long ago when I was quite young—three?—and our family was out for a day at the local swimming pool. I was too young to really swim, but I loved the water. I would be in the shallow end splashing around having all kinds of fun. Walking along the edge of the pool toward the deep end, I would try to keep my feet on the pool bottom as the water crept closer and closer up my face. To my chin. Now my mouth. Take a deep breath before the water covered my nose. Then my eyes and ears. And to the top of my head. Then I’d pop up and gasp for glee [and air!], amazed at how far I’d gone.

One time I had apparently gone too far for my mother’s comfort. There I was happily walking along the bottom of the pool and my mother jumped in and scooped me up, frantic that I was going to drown. I just kept giggling and laughing. She was simply beside herself! Now, I actually do not remember this incident, but my mother would tell it over and over again, so I guess it must be true. I loved the water and always took such delight in swimming [when I was finally able to]. But my mother—back when I was a wee child—was terribly fearful that I might drown. The water was, to her, a frightful place.

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