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Advent 1 :: Here we go again!

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“Stay awake!”

So here we are again at the beginning of yet another year in the warp and woof of our liturgical life set out in the church calendar. And here we are again being reminded that someday, somehow, somewhere, the Day of the Lord [Second Coming of Christ, Judgement Day, Armageddon, the Apocalypse—take your pick] is going to happen. Well. Really? Really?

So it’s been two thousand years and there’s been no Rapture, no taking up of folks into the Heavenly Realm to be with Jesus, no great and terrible conflagration where all you-know-what breaks loose, no blood-red Moon or stars falling from the skies or planets losing their way in orbit. Nothing. Now, there has been that Great-and-Powerful-Day we call Black Friday with all its terrible display of human greed and economic lust. But that hardly suffices for a great day of judgement which is supposed to come from God. Black Friday is a Judgement Day of another kind altogether. And don’t even get me started on the past election cycle and the yet-to-be-seen ramifications that will offer in the next months.

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