Easter :: Christ is Risen Indeed!

Matthew 28.1-10

This past week has certainly run the gamut of emotional overload, huh?


We started the week off with Jesus entering Jerusalem to the cheers of disciples and followers, who had hoped he would be the one to restore Israel to its former glory. At the Passover, Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his close circle of friends, inaugurating a new rite that would become the cornerstone of worship for generations to come. Soon, though, he was betrayed by one of those friends, handed over to the religious and civil authorities, brought before the governor, whipped in public, and shamelessly crucified. For what? Promoting insurrection? Claiming to be God? For challenging the status quo?

And we, the faithful, have walked with Jesus every step of the way, our initial cheers on the dusty road leading to Jerusalem quickly turning to shouts of “Crucify! Crucify him!.” He challenged the status quo for us, too.

And yet, today, we, like Mary, want to hold onto Jesus—or, at least, our image of what we want Jesus to be. We shout for joy at the resurrection, “He is RISEN!” but are we ready to join him in victory over death? Are we willing to do for others what Jesus has done? Can we say “No” to the status quo and truly accept the new life God intends for us? Will we allow God to make us servants of forgiveness, peace, and love?

Easter is the first day of all days. It is the day when we can shout an emphatic “No!” to the powers of this world that would bind us to fear, hopelessness, and despair. Easter is when, we too, can be raised from death to eternal life.

Talk about challenging the status quo!

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