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“I think I’ll go fishing!”

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Many Fish!

The events of the past several days have utterly astonished Peter and his friends. The leader—the one-whom-they-thought-would-be-king—had been arrested, put on trial, found guilty, and was put to death. That would be enough to rattle just about anyone. But a few days after his death, this leader, Jesus, has shown himself to be alive, appearing to the disciples in their meeting place behind closed, locked doors.

So what’s the next logical thing for the disciples to do?

“I think I’ll go fishing.”

Sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Well, kind of. But not really, once you look at the kinds of things we humans get involved with in times of stress or loss or change of routine.

We want things to go back to normal, don’t we? Something major happens to us—a change in job or a big move or working through the reality of a bad medical diagnosis—and it can all seem so overwhelming. How does one work through all this? You go fishing. Or work in the garden. Or read a favorite book. Or vege out in front of the TV. You do whatever helps you to feel normal.

So that’s what Peter, the fisherman does. He goes back into his default mode and takes the other fishermen with him.

I wonder if he thought he could, by engaging in his former livelihood, escape from the events of the past few days? Or perhaps he was trying to get away from the responsibilities of discipleship for just a little while?

Whatever his reasons, you can be sure of one thing: he couldn’t get away from the call of Christ.

Thanks be to God!

RCL Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Easter, Year C

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