Easter 6 :: The healing tree needs healing

”and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.” [Rev. 22.2]

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The tree is empty—for now

At our clergy conference this week, we focused on justice for all creation, something about which many of you in our parish have been passionately involved. Though I have heard the statistic before, somehow this week it really struck me:

Every hour a portion of the Amazon equal to the size of a football field is lost to human development.

I am trying to wrap my head around that one. It is a daunting task. Over the course of just the last two hundred years or so, human “advancement” has reached the point where the effect we are having on our world in terms of loss of natural habitat, resources, and biodiversity is reaching a tipping point. In fact, some suggest that we are way past the tipping point.

Some people of faith are not alarmed. Since we are told of a new heaven and a new earth which will come at the end time, they assert, we don’t need to do anything about our environment, for God will take care of it. Others point, in the book Genesis, to God’s admonition to humans to be good stewards of creation. We should all take good care of this world into which we have been placed.

Of course, being a good Anglican, I take a middle way: We are to be good and faithful stewards of this “fragile earth, our island home” and we are to await the consummation of the age when all things will be made new.

I think it is not too late to change course and am encouraged by the witness of those first Christ-followers like Lydia, Peter, and Paul. From such a small group the Christ-movement has spread throughout the world.

In the hour it has taken me to write these words, another Amazon-football field has been lost. But it’s not too late. We can change.

Perhaps the people of the nations can be for the healing of the trees.

RCL Lectionary for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year C

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