Epiphany 5 :: Salt of the earth?

Matthew 5.13-20

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Hidden salt?

There’s an interesting thing about salt: just a little bit goes a long way. What wonderful properties this mineral has! Salt is both a food preservative and flavor enhancer. Throw some in the ice of a hand-cranked ice cream maker and it acts as an aid to freezing. Throw it on an icy sidewalk and it acts as an aid to thawing. It’s great on popcorn with a little bit of butter. It’s horrible on Rice Krispies® [how like sugar it appears!]. A little bit of salt is necessary for life. Too much salt can bring death.

Jesus tells his disciples [read: us] that they are salt of the earth. Wow! Think about that for a moment. Disciples can help preserve life and enhance it! This is what power is.

Power is not about wielding some kind of force so that others come under your will. It is not about being able to get what you want at the expense of others. It is not about who has the most money or who is the most beautiful or who won the most votes in the last election. Power is about preserving and enhancing life. And to the extent that we follow Jesus’ message and take up our cross daily, our “saltiness” is a powerful force for good. But the moment this power goes to our head, the moment we begin to use our “saltiness” for our own purposes? Well, let’s just say that too much salt can ruin a good meal.

Something to Ponder: How have you enhanced the “flavor” of life?

Link to RCL lectionary for the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany.

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