Pentecost 9 :: “Jesus Time"

“Martha, Martha, Martha!” 

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Great hospitality, this!

When was the last time you were chastised for wanting help doing your chores? Here is Martha, doing what was expected of her, making her guests at home, probably pre- paring a snack and then a big dinner. She was staying away from the more important gathering in the next room—where the men were. Such an arrangement was only proper in 1st-century Palestine: the men were in one room, listening to the rabbi and the women were out and about making things comfortable for the men. [I’ll offer no comment about how that would work out today, just suffice it to say that it really wasn’t such a good arrangement for Martha the day Jesus decided to bop by!] 

So Martha is doing all the work, and where is Mary, her sis? She’s with the men, listen- ing to the rabbi, sitting at his feet as if she were a disciple. “How dare she be out there and not in here helping me,” Martha might’ve said. “The nerve!” 

And yet Mary, this time, was doing the right thing. She recognized the importance of the occasion: the Master is here! Pots and pans and dishes and food and all those kinds of preparations which make for good hosting, all that can wait. Now is not the time to be flitting about with busy work. 

It’s "Jesus time" right now.
Thanks be to God!
Something to ponder: What "Jesus time" have you been too busy to notice?

RCL Lectionary for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C

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