Trinity Sunday :: Happy Rainbow Day!



Several weeks ago, during coffee hour, I happen to be visiting with several young ladies of the parish. Now, being old and quite forgetful, I cannot remember the conversation, but I do recall there being some talk of unicorns and sparkles and rainbows. It was during this conversation that Klara opined that it might be nice to have “Rainbow” day in church sometime. I told her that was a fine idea [or something to that effect] and that we should celebrate said “Day” on the 22nd of May, the Sunday we set aside to celebrate the end of the church school year.

Fine. Good. But, did I remember that the 22nd was also Trinity Sunday? Nope. Oh well.

So here we are on 22 May, the day the church celebrates one of the most enigmatic theological propositions of all time: Trinity Sunday. God as Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier. Rainbow maker!

Yeah! God and rainbows go way back. Remember Noah? The bow God placed in the sky as a jog to Divine Memory not to flood the world ever again? Sure you do. But how about Trinity-as-rainbow?

Okay. So it might be a bit far-fetched [or even slightly heretical] to compare God to a multi-colored natural phenom of light and water. But think about it. Pure light passes through the prisms of water droplets and the light splits into the visible colors we experience as a rainbow. Doesn’t God reveal Godself to us in the presence/action/experience of creation, redemption, and holiness? We’ve been taught that since before confirmation class.

But light is not only present in visible form to us humans, there is a vast spectrum of light not visible to the human eye. In other words, there is much more to light than what we can see. And isn’t God like that? A lot? There is so much more to God than can be experienced or known or seen by us. We are given all sorts of ways to come to an understanding of God—the notion of Trinity being one of them. Why can’t rainbows do the same?

Happy Rainbow Day!

RCL Lectionary for Trinity Sunday, Year C

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